Sea-kayaking trips during Viru Folk festival

Reimann Retked will participate in Viru Folk festival this year and thus the number of activities offered on the sea has increased since the previous Folk festivals. You can try sea-kayaking free of charge with us.

If you like and would like to get a longer experience, then you can join our trips to Kuradisaar island on Friday at 4,6 and 8 pm and on Saturday and Sunday at 2,4,6, and 8 pm. You can get the most romantic experience during the trips starting at 8 pm as we finish after the sunset. The trips cost 10 eur per person.

The sea-kayaks are made for long sea-expeditions and therefore we organise trips to a beautiful Nordic island Mohni on Friday at 11 am and on Saturday and Sunday at 9. The trip costs 25 eur per person and lasts ca 4,5 hours. We will paddle ca 20 km and then have a walking tour on the island to explore the nature and remains of the buildings left. The trip to Mohni suits everyone in at least moderate physical shape. Before booking the trip to Mohni you could still come an try paddling nearby the Maritime Museum. It would be appreciated if you registered in advance to other trips too.

You can join the trips also without the ticket to the Folk Festival.



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