Series Baroque evenings of St Mauritius

October 18th at 7 PM, House of Black Heads, Brother´s Chamber

Baroque concert brings inner piece and harmony
St. Mauritius Baroque ensemble opens new season

Ensemble and guest: bass lute player Robert Staak
Alina Sakalouskaya (soprano lute or mandolin)
Oksana Sinkova (flute)
Ene Nael (harpsichord)
Villu Vihermäe (baroque cello and comments)

A very special Baroque concert, where musicians play in Baroque costumes by candlelight in a small chamber in the medieval House of the Blackheads. A cosy atmosphere, with no written programme - comments are directly from the musicians themselves. Ticket price includes a greeting drink.
In Estonia there is only one Baroque mandolin, commissioned by the artist Alina Sakalouskaya from a German master.
The Baroque mandolin is a gentle and beautiful instrument, played with a bird’s feather
The ensemble of St. Mauritius has a very creative atmosphere – many arrangements are made by the ensemble members, many brought directly from German old music libraries.
The ensemble is beloved by audiences due to the special creative and intimate atmosphere of their concerts.

The repertoire from Baroque times brings inner piece and harmony to the listeners

This music is from times before big French revolutions, before the tragic Romantic times and the times of the World Wars. In the Baroque era a person was living in piece with God, society and himself. Maybe we need something from this time…

Tickets from Piletilevi 12€/8€ (

Glass of welcome drink included in admission.



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