Christmas Village at the Estonian Open Air Museum

Christmas Village at the Estonian Open Air Museum on December 14–16, 2010 at 11–16 o’clock

Christmas in the tumult of history
...Old drying barns and residential buildings shake off their winter sleep for a while and come alive with stories about the times when our ancestors lived. Family gatherings, dinners, long talks and carol singing used to be traditional in olden times and have remained so.

The quiet and holy spirit of Christmas Eve has also gathered families in troubled times of epoch-making events. The Christmas Village throws light on different times in Estonians’ history. Historical events provide the background to joyous and sad stories.


You can see what there is at a small Christmas fair on Sassi-Jaani farm and buy the works of Estonian craftsmen.

Every one of the Köstriaseme farm household is glad and full of anticipation: after long years of paying high taxes to the manor and saving money the farm will at last become their own in the winter of 1895. The house will be decorated with straw crowns for Christmas.

The family of Pulga farm will be reading news from their relatives who moved far away to Russia in 1880-s, but Christmas will be celebrated as usual: with clean straw on the floor, games and riddles and a great feast.

The family of the Nuki farm has taken part in plundering the manors of Baltic Germans during the revolution of 1905. Coming home, they examine all the wonderful things found in the Germans’ homes.

As the owner of the Härjapea farm was the veteran of the Estonian War of Independence, he became the owner of farmland in the 1920-s, and a decade later he can feel proud that the new manor has been completed. “Piparkook” gingerbreads will be baked in the kitchen and Christmas decorations will be made.

The Kuie school mistress has to try and cope with new circumstances as the new tsarist regulation requires Russian to be spoken in school. However, good old Christmas songs are still sung in Estonian.

The mistress of Aarte farmyard is busy with preparations for Christmas in 1922, but her heart hurts about her son who smuggles alcohol to Finland.

Lau village shop shows how Christmas traditions changed in the first half of the 20th century. You can buy gifts of the period and send postcards. In the living room you can see how cutters for “piparkook” cookies were made.

In 1993, Christmas on Sepa farm in Setomaa is full of controversy. After Estonia regained its independence, borders opened and first trips to Finland have already been made. However mistress is worried that she will not be able to cross the border to visit her relatives in Russia.

There will be choir concerts in Sutlepa chapel:
December 15
at 13:00 and 15:00 - Mixed Choir of Tallinn German Gymnasium
at 12:00 and 14:00 - Female Choir of the National Library of Estonia
December 16
at 12:00 and 14:00 - Chamber Choir of the Estonian Academy of Arts
at 13:00 - Children’s Choir of Nõmme Youth Club
at 15:00 - Christmas prayer

KOLU INN offers traditional holiday meals.

December 16 at 11:00 - concert of children's ensemble of Taisi Pettai

Ticket prices:
one person: € 8 / discount ticket: € 4 /child: € 1,5 / family ticket: € 16

Contact information:
Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12, Tallinn 13521
Information line: +372 654 9100 / Kolu Tavern: +372 654 9119 / Handicraft Shop and the booking office: +372 654 9101



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