Estonian Nature Tours

Estonian Nature Tours is a new trade mark of Kumari Tours offering Birdwatching and Botanical Tours lasting for several days covering all of Estonia. These trips are a most important and rapidly developing aspect of the tourism programme offered by Kumari Tours and packages are mainly intended for the overseas market.

Our individual and specialised approach to tourism was developed over a number of years of organising local travel services in Matsalu National Park, before broadening our operations in the spring of 2004 to include visits to a wide variety of nature reserves throughout Estonia. The principal aim of our trips is to introduce visitors to the unique natural heritage and wildlife of Estonia, which have fortunately been preserved in many places in our country thanks to enlightened attitudes towards conservation, and a deep-rooted tradition of respect for the natural world. Our services can also include the reservation of accommodations, meals and transportation to form a fully inclusive tour in accordance with the specifications of our clients. We offer services for smaller groups (6/16 pax) and also individual service is available. The trips are guided by professional biologists of Estonia.

Estonia is a small and beautiful country near the Baltic Sea which has enjoyed moderate economic growth since gaining independence in 1991. The country has a long, indented and diverse coastline with more than 1000 islands. Forests and woodlands cover almost half of the Estonian territory. Extensive underveloped coastal areas with wide-spread reed-beds and grasslands as well as unique untouched nature with winding rivers, vast floodplains, mires, bogs and primeval forests in the central part of the mainland are habitats for thousands of migrating and breeding birds, many species of mammals and rare plant species.


Marika Mann

executive manager


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