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Ala-Juusa Resting House / Description

Ala-Juusa resting house is located in Põlva county, in Kõlleste parish, in village called Ihamaru; close to Tartu - Võru old road or otherwise knowen as Postroad. To the nearest town, which is called Põlva, is 10 km, to Võru is 29 km, to Otepää 27 km and 40 km to Tartu.

In attractive scenic spot you can enjoy nature, silence on lake and just relax after exhausting working week or it also can be place for the rangy traveller. Resting house is situated on the shore of the lake. On the first floor of the two-storey log cabin is a sauna with entrance and fireplace room with the capacity for 30 persons. On the second floor are two bedrooms, both are for 4 peoples.

There are several opportunities to spend active holiday in Ala-Juusa. You can swim, use a rowing boat, spend you time by fishing or just go for hiking to the hiking trails. There is a campfire place with grill in visitors disposal, campingsite and in winter you can skate on the lake etc.

There are nearby: Palo lake with beautiful sandbeach, Palo lake hiking trail, hiking trail of the Tille valley, Estonian Road Museum and Põlva Peasantry Museum.

Come and enjoy recovering holiday in the lap of the nature!

Ala-Juusa Resting House / Gallery

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