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Alajärve Holiday House / Description

Alajärve resting house is located at very beautiful Otepää natural park, only 13 kilometers from Otepää, 5 kilometers from Kuutsemäe and 50 kilometers from Tartu.
At the resting house back is located beautiful pond, grillhouse and we planned to build a dancefloor and stage. About 500 meters from house is beautiful and natural lake - Päästjärv. It contains very soft and clear water. In summer the lake is full with waterlilys.
In every season of the year it is possible to rent the full house or by the rooms. In house there are 8 bedrooms and there are maximum 25 sleepers. The house is fully repaired.
House contains the bath, and can be heated with wood or with electrically.

Alajärve Holiday House / Gallery

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