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Alutaguse Adventure Park / Description

Alutaguse Adventure Park has 5 adventure tracks with different levels of difficulty. The tracks are 9 meters up in the trees and offer excitement both for children and adults. The adventure starts with a lecture by the instructor, explaining how to use your safety equipment and how to move safely on track.

Tracks are constructed this way that, with every step, you will encounter even more exciting and complex tasks than before. You can try your balance, skills, cleverness and natural courage. Entrance to the adventure park is only for persons taller than 140 cm. We strongly recommend wearing covered shoes.

The adventure track includes a unique 13 m long Tarzan jump where you can experience a 2 meter long free-fall! A good physical shape is not essential. Courage, confidence and willingness are more important than that.

We also have tube tracks which are open both in summer and in winter,; in addition to that you can jump on trampolines, celebrate birthdays, try your balance on slacline and do many other things.

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