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Ants Laikmaa museum / Description

Ants Laikmaa (05.05.1866–19.11.1942) was one of the most colourful personalities of Estonian art, having gained prominence both as a portrait painter and a landscape artist. His favourite technique was pastel. In 1917 here, on the Tammiku Farm land in the village of Kadarpiku, Ants Laikmaa began the building of a new home. In 1932 the artist closed down his studio-school in Tallinn and moved to this parish of Taebla. His house was completed, built in a folk-romantic style, unique for Estonia at that time. In 1960 it was opened to the public as a museum, showcasing Ants Laikmaa’s studio, living and working quarters. Take a walk in the picturesque park and visit the artist’s final resting place at his home farm.

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