Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Audioguide / Description


- Tourist Information Centre: Niguliste 2/Kullassepa 4 (Free with Tallink Card!), FREE with TallinnCard!

- in Old Town, Vene 17, FREE with TallinnCard!

- Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 12, FREE with TallinnCard!

Riga Old Town Tour
- Ratslaukums 6, Riga, Latvia

Riga Art Nuoveau Tour
- Ratslaukums 6, Riga, Latvia

What is it?

The only guide in the world that obeys Your orders!

Think of AudioGuide as a helpful, reliable personal guide that accompanies you on your sightseeing tours. Not only does it provide you with factual information about the sights you see, it also tells you exciting stories and anecdotes, so in addition to getting an overview of the history and architecture of each building or location, you will actually hear the legends that make history come to life! AudioGuide’s unique features include the following:

- Narration and stories in several different languages
- Digitally stored information complete with background sounds to enhance your sightseeing and learning experience
- Both an integrated telephone style speaker and headphones. You can even use your own headphones, if you so desire

Why is it good?

What makes the audio guide unique?

Audio guide is a hand held information device designed for those travellers who prefer to create and follow their own itinerary and not be confined by traditional tourist brochures, books and guide services. It is for those who would rather relax and listen and not have to stop to read, struggle in dim light or perhaps need to keep reaching for reading glasses. And above all, it is for those who like to do all of these things at their own pace, on their own schedule, whenever and wherever they want in order to get the very most out of their travel experience.

- It is the only guide in the world that you command!
- It offers you complete independence
- You can move along at your own pace
- You can start and finish your tour wherever and whenever you want
- You can pause for meals and refreshments at your convenience
- There is no need to read brochures or booklets, so you can actually look while you listen and learn
- You can choose only those objects and topics that interest you
- You can repeat the stories, pause and continue, or rewind just a sentence or two in order to make certain you heard it correctly
- The various languages are availible at all times
- It’s fun and easy to use

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