Aurea Massaažistuudio

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Aurea Massaažistuudio / Description

The Aurea Massage Studio has been established in order to help distressed people find their body-mind balance through prophylactic and healing body therapy. We offer a variety of massage types that are aimed to bring balance and harmony into a human being as an entity. Our massage therapists are experienced, schooled by both Estonian and foreign teachers and have mastered different massage techniques. We serve you in peaceful surroundings and well-equipped massage rooms. In the Aurea Massage Studio you will find efficient help against headaches and pain in the back, stress, fatigue and decrease of working ability and relief from many more health problems.

Having yourself massaged gives you a good opportunity to calm down for a while and dedicate some time to your own body. You should not doubt the profitability of this investment. By spending money on rehabilitation you actually invest in your own health.

Find some time for yourself and come to us today already.

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