Cyrillus Kreegi Mälestussammas

Haapsalu, Läänemaa



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Haapsalu, Läänemaa

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Cyrillus Kreegi Mälestussammas / Description

Come and see the memorial of one of the Estonia’s most famous composers who grew up in Lääne County -- Cyrillus Kreek (1889-1962)! The memorial, which was created by Aime Kuulbusch, is located in front of the composer’s former home, on the shore of the Small Bay. The Cyrillus Kreek Apartment Museum is located in this building.

Interesting facts:
The majority of his works were created in Haapsalu. Kreek’s most important “secret activity” was composing sacred music, arranging sacred folk songs and choral canons. At the same time, Kreek publicly maintained a cool and standoffish attitude toward the church.

Cyrillus Kreegi Mälestussammas / Gallery

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