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"Elegantne ja samas kodune. Meeldis maitsekas ja modernne stiil sisustuses. Arenguruumi on veel suhtlemisstiilis. Ühest küljest on... (4.0)" Write a review


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Dagen Haus Guesthouse / Description

The Dagen Haus guesthouse is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea in the granary of Orjaku manor on the island of Hiiumaa. The manor, founded in 1603, was originally the residence of a Swedish nobleman and state official. Its stone buildings were constructed in the 1840s. Dating from the same period, the granary is one of the few structures still standing right in the heart of the former manor complex.

The guesthouse is just one hundred metres from the protected Eye of Orjaku (an inland bay). We have tried to bring a little something of its spaciousness and tranquillity into all of the bedrooms on the second floor. Rough-hewn rafters and remnants of old flooring stand side-by-side with glass walls and metal constructions that create an almost ethereal and yet entirely cosy atmosphere in our two hearth rooms.

An old village lane leads up to the building that forms part of the 3 km long Käina Bay hiking trail. The bay and its array of bird life are of particular interest to ornithologists, but the viewing tower and hiking trail offer superb views of the surrounding landscape for anyone who loves nature. You can even take bike trips or go out on a boat – they are just two of the additional services we offer to help you spend your time enjoyably.

What makes staying at the guesthouse special is that there is never likely to be any more than 10 people there at one time. Guests can sit down to an evening meal together or spend time in the café that is open in the evenings. A great way to enjoy your holiday in the company of friends is to rent the whole house and its kitchen and treat yourself to some fine wines and good eating.

For anyone wishing to treat their friends or colleagues to a memorable outing that involves a little bit of serious thinking, our hearth rooms are the perfect place to do so. Thanks to modern technical solutions both of these rooms are well-suited to hosting seminars. We can also cater for up to 35 people.

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Rating: 4.0

Elegantne ja samas kodune. Meeldis maitsekas ja modernne stiil sisustuses. Arenguruumi on veel suhtlemisstiilis. Ühest küljest on omanike/töötajate märkamatuksjäämine isegi meeldiv (oled nagu omas kodus), kuid teisalt võiks siiski olla avatumad. (24.09.2010)

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