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Eesti Põllumajandusmuuseum / Description

Estonian Agricultural Museum
The museum is situated in the buildings of the historical Ülenurme (Uellenorm) manor that has been mentioned first in 1646.
It is the year of the centennial of the Republic of Estonia, and semicentennial of the Estonian Agricultural Museum.
Perpetuating, researching and introducing Estonian rural culture is important in our museum, and in 2017 Open Collections Exhibition „Explore and be Amazed!“ was opened. This exhibition depicts the changes in daily lives of rural population from the beginning of the 19th century up to now. The central display depicts changes in the diet of Estonians and their Baltic German landlords during the same period. Audiovisual objects depict influence of political events and agritechnological development on rural way of life.

The museum’s permanent exhibitions tell the story of the development of agriculture and rural life in Estonia throughout centuries, including the history of growing rye and flax, their development, usage and processing; the history of poultry farming and apiculture; the history and development of agricultural machinery and its restoration. There is also given an overview of horse carriages and different uses of straw and birchbark. Visiting exhibitions often take place. Our museum proudly presents also the largest collection of heritage steam engines.
The museum offers different opportunities for attending events and museum programs, and making acquaintance with the museum’s animals. It is important to offer knowledge and participation in programs that introduce Estonian food, and bake traditional Estonian Bread. Delightful attractions are domestic animals, horse and pony rides, horseback riding.
For big events we also organise country fairs.
• Big events: Open door day of rural tourism enterprises, Night of Museums, Nationwide Machinery Day, Viss 2019 – Ülenurme Manor and Farm Day, Midsummer Day, museum’s 50th anniversary, Open farm day, Estonian Draft Horse Day and Assumption of Mary Day, Tartu Autumn Exhibition. Breed animal 2019, Harvest Festival.
• Folk calendar celebrations: Shrove Tuesday, Easter, St. Martin’s Day, St. Cahterine’s Day, Christmas program
• Family Days: Candlemas Day, St. George’s Day, Mother’s Day, Whitsuntide, Grandparents Day, „Introduction to St. Martin’s Day“, Father’s Day, St. Catherine’s Day
• Educational programs: From Grain to Bread, Why Egg?, Discovering Potato, Magical Honey, Flax in our Daily Lives, Becoming Friend with a Horse, Ball of Wool – Ball of Gold, From the Power of a Horse to Horse Power, Secrets of Blacksmithing, Farmer’s Spring, From the Museum’s Garden to the Table, Recycle Themed Program, What Did Our Ancestors Eat and Drink?, Trees and Bushes in the Ülenurme Park, The Four Seasons of a Farm Family
• Courses: cooking, blacksmithing, wood and paper materials restoration
• Rooms for holding major events, conferences and holidays
• Farm animals (horses, ponies, sheep, goats, rabbits, hens, roosters, Estonian quails)
• Horse and pony riding
• Guided tours in Estonian, English, Russian, German and Finnish

Estonian Agricultural Museum
Pargi 4, Ülenurme, Kambja Rural Municipality, 61714 Tartu County, Estonia
Tel: +372 738 3810
Open Tue – Sun 10 am to 6 pm

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