Estonian Museum Railway At Lavassaare



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Estonian Museum Railway At Lavassaare / Description

Mon - Sat 11:00-18:00
Sun 11:00-17:00

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We locate at the Pärnu county in the south-western part of Estonia, 17 km's from Pärnu to north-west in Lavassaare settlement between the bogs. There are three possibilities to reach us (look at the detailed map):

- To go from Tallinn via Pärnu-Jaagupi and Vahenurme;
- To go via Nurme and Jõõpre
- To go from Pärnu via Audru and Jõõpre.

The last way is the longest from Tallinn but it is the best being the only entirely asphalted (paved) road.

Steam Train Trip in Latvia
Because of the global financial crisis, the steam train trips in Gulbene (Latvia) are cancelled since September 2008. If the financial situation permits, the trips will continued in 2010 with the locomotive Gr-319. The locomotive Kc-4-332 was brought back to Lavassaare according to the contract. Information:

Trip with dresine
A trip with a dresine for 2 people with a supervising of the instructor. Lasts 45 minutes. Between June and Septemper on Sundays without the reservations, other days by the reservations (minimum 5 days before).
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