Garlic restaurant"Balthasar"

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Garlic restaurant"Balthasar" / Description

Balthasar - the first Estonian garlic restaurant was opened in 1999, in a medieval building of the Town-Hall Apothecary and is situated in the very heart of Tallinn`s Old Town - the Town -Hall Square. A magnificent view opens from the restaurant`s windows on the Town-Hall Square.
The new restaurant quickly won the admiration of the citizens, due to its unique menu and interior.
The restaurant has a noble aristocratic atmosphere, which is especially stressed by the grand wooden interior and the successfully completed restoration of the building.
As one can predict from the name, garlic has a main role to play in the meals that the restaurant offers. Visitors can find dishes flavoured with this valuable spice throughout the menu - starting from appetisers to desserts. Naturally the chef has not completely forgotten those visitors, who do not particularly fancy garlic.

The restaurant was named after a notorious writer and chronicler, Balthasar Russow, who wrote his masterpiece "Chronicle of Livonia", while residing in these very rooms. The Chronicle of Livonia describes the life `of` and `in` Estonia between the 12-th and 16-th century and is one of the most important literal creations to enlighten Estonian culture and history of that period.
The building of Town-Hall Apothecary, which was first mentioned in 1422 is unique, because the apothecary opened here during the 15-th century is still in business today making it the oldest pharmacy in Europe.
All those in search for a gastronomic experience under a beautiful symbiosis of history, atmosphere, excellent service and delicious meals, should definitely visit "Balthasar"

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