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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Glove Gallery / Description

IC Gloves is an importer of different Italian leather gloves. Leather glove making has historical traditions in Italy. Knowledge of handicraft skills are conveyed from generation to generation and hence the companies we deal with are mainly the family companies.

Apparently the gloving leather must be very thin and at the same time tough and stretching only towards one direction. The three factories whose products we are offering pay much attention to the quality of the leather.

To achieve the quality necessary for the leather, the leather passes a long tanning process and this requires professionalism from the manufacturer to get the best results.

The range of colors of the offered models is wide. To receive a high quality glove from one goatskin takes the work of very many people.

One goatskin gives two pairs of gloves. The gloves are cut out one by one for each pair of gloves. One pair is cut alongside from the upper part and the second pair from the lower part. Because also within one skin there may be differences and the factory cannot allow itself poor quality as the famous brands like Dior, Hérmes, Baldini, etc are among the customers.

Very skilled and proficient sewers as well as good equipment is needed for stitching the gloves since the seams must stretch like the skin and there are no seam allowances. Also the seam must be durable for wearing a glove for several years.

Good handicraft, excellent processing and miraculously silky leather give the sensitivity to the fingers of the wearer and everybody is happy to wear these gloves.

Men wear the gloves, Women wear the gloves.
Adding modern and stylish accessories to the clothes is a growing trend. Consumers need more and more high quality and handmade products from the trade against the junk trade coming from Asia.

Our partners are three Italian companies focusing on producing the leather gloves and these companies have long family traditions in that field.

Gloves are handmade, each pair is cut separately, sewing and follow-up processing are very elaborated. We sell the colorful gloves for autumn and spring season.

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Rating: 5.0

Üllatavalt hea kindavalikuga pood. Poleks uskunud, et midagi sellist siit leian. Kõige rohkem meeldisid erkkollased kindad ja need ka endale ostsin. (05.03.2014)

Rating: 1.0

Väike armas poekene, kuid väga suur pettumus. Kindad kandsin 1 kuu ja 5 paeva ja nad läksid katki õmbluskohas. Tehti ekspertiisi, süüdi on ikka klient. Teise firma kindad kandsin 11a. Ei soovita antud firmat. Перчатки носила 1м и 5 дней. Порвались. Не советую! (02.03.2014)

Rating: 5.0

Imearmas väike pood WW asaazi teisel korrusel ja tohutult mitmekülgne nahkkinnaste valik. Erinevat värvi kindad, nii et on isegi raske otsust langetada, millised kindad valida. Eriti meeldisid karusnahaga kindad. Hea koht, kui oled kindakanda leida midagi põnevat. (12.11.2013)

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