Ilves-Extra Ilves-Extra(rocca-Al Mare Kaubanduskeskuses)

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Ilves-Extra Ilves-Extra(rocca-Al Mare Kaubanduskeskuses) / Description

Although 1992 is recognised as the year when Ilves-Extra Ltd. was founded, its history dates further back.

On 16 November 1987 a cooperative enterprise called Ilves was formed. It had a number of activities and one of them, by far not the most important, was sewing clothes.
On 6 September 1989 Moscow gave permission to start an Estonian-Swedish joint venture company, which was then called Ilves&Sport&Motion.
By 1992 numerous changes had taken place in the Estonian economy as well as in our firm and it became necessary to form a separate company Ilves-Extra Ltd. Ilves&Sport&Motion was then reorganised into a joint-stock company called Ilves-Sport.
In 1999 both these companies were merged as the Swedish investment firm Estinvest became one of the shareholders.
In 2002 the Swedish shares were bought by the company´s managing director. Together with the other private Estonian shareholders who kept their shares, the company continues with the same group of owners to this day.
Throughout its existence, the Ilves-Extra Ltd. has been engaged in product development. It has been part of our strategy to employ the best experts in this field and to keep using the best equipment and machines. We have always had our own product development team, even when the company mostly operated as a subcontractor. Ilves registered its trade mark ISC (Ilves Sportswear Company) in 2001.
The company has been constantly expanding over the years. A cooperative enterprise that started with just 3 seamstresses has now turned into one of the biggest clothes manufacturers in Estonia with more than 470 employees

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