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Inni Catering / Description

Good food has been surrounding Ingrem since she was a little girl. Now when she has her own family, she always tries to provide varied diet for her husband and children. This habit has developed into being a profession.

„Inni“ was created to offer taste experience that comes from using natural ingridents and homemade products. Our main service is to provide catering for various events as well as private dinners in Mihkli farm (Nautse village, Muhumaa) or in private locations.

Since 2008, Ingrem has been arranging dinners at her parent’s ostrich farm (Muhu Jaanalind) in Muhumaa, where she always tries to surprise her guests with delicious and exciting menus. In 2009, Ingrem and her youthful team opened up („Inni Suvekohvik“) („Inni‘s Summer Cafe“) in the same farm to offer different treats through out the summer. During the winter Ingrem has been a guest chef at a private resturant in Tallinn’s old town called „Köök“ („The Kitchen“). where she has been teaching how to create delicious dishes from ostrich meat, venison and other game.

In 2013, Nautse-Mihkli farm was opened together with a studio-kitchen, where interesting food courses and dinners take place.

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