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Jaama inn / Description

We offer hot and cold food cooked at the site.
At our site you can arrange parties and also trainings etc. (max 40 persons).

At the party you can also have a drink, because close to the tavern there is a possibility to stay overnight with European comfort for up to 6 persons. If the company has sleeping bags, then up to 30 persons.

We are situated in the middle of the woods and swamps, therefore it is possible to enjoy natural environment and forget the city noise.

The building is historical; we have got a comfortable interior from flagstone and wood.

The closest reservoir is 7 km away – it is a swamp lake, in which the water is very pure but when you swim you cannot see your hands or legs.

For those who desire on the day after party before going home to do something important, so that family would not blame for only boozing, it is possible to visit training tracks in Jarvesoo and Punasoo which are located in lake surroundings.

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