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Järvselja Nature Reserve / Description

Järvselja is a small village in the south-eastern part of Tartu County near Lake Peipsi. Although it has less than 50 inhabitants, the village is well known amongst people connected with forestry and nature protection.
The forests and wetlands of Järvselja are known both in Estonia and foreign countries, being part of the Emajõe Suursoo nature protection area. The territory is remarkable because of its old forest and bog areas, containing rare species of plants and animals. In some stands one can even find the tallest trees of Estonian forests like Norway spruce, pine, birch, grey and black alder, aspen and juniper, the latter is situated in Ahunapalu graveyard.
Besides its beautiful nature, Järvselja gains importance as the training centre of forestry and biology students, being involved with scientific research and silvicultural studies. These activities have been carried out since 1921 and were started by Professor Andres Mathiesen, the founder of the Training and Experimental Forest District of Tartu University.
Järvselja is home to Estonia's tallest spruce (44 m in 2000) and pine (42,7 m).

Järvselja Nature Reserve / Gallery

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