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Kaldu holiday home / Description

Kaldu holiday home is located in Poide county, Kakuna village. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Saaremma seafront where often the only sounds one can hear are the singing birds, murmuring seawater and the quiet whisper of the sea breeze. You can follow the juniper tree-lined road to the water where you can enjoy swimming, fishing and rowing. There is also a barn about 10 km from the home where you can ride horses.
The first floor of the Kaldu holiday home has an open kitchen with a fireplace, shower and laundry facilities. If needed, there is room for four to sleep on the first floor. The second floor has two bedrooms with showers and restrooms. There is also a lounging area on the second floor with a TV and access to the balcony.
Behind the main building there is an old two room Estonian barn house with room to sleep for four persons.
There is also new log sauna with a fireplace and sleeping areas. Kaldu is about 30 km from Kuivastu and 60 km from Kuressaare.

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