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Kivi Tavern / Description

Kivi Kõrts opened the doors for customers in May 2004.

We cook simple Estonian food and our moto is: Our guests are offered substantial meals and they leave the pub in a good mood.

We are very fond of ancient things. Today our pub looks inside like an antique shop where we exhibit and also sell local antiquities. A few years ago we started collaboration with a Dutch company which markets antiquities in Estonia.
We have also a bigger antique shop at 5 Riia Street in Tartu.

You can reserve our pub to hold all kinds of gatherings, from festive to funeral parties. We also offer foodservice in the rooms of customers.

In case you have decided to stay longer in Lake Peipsi region you can reserve a room in our guesthouse “Nina kordon” (the former frontier guard post) which is situated right on the shore of the lake about 4 km from our pub.

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