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The parish of Koeru is situated in Central Estonia Järva county among the fertile fields of waved moraine plains, bogs and natural springs. Koeru is known of its clear water. Endla Nature Reserve with its square of 7591ha was founded on 1985 to protect all these natural riches. It is the wetland of not only local but international importance. The keyword here is water, whether running out of springs or accumulated and cleansed in bogs.

For instance, the area of Norra Spring is 0,6ha and area of Oostriku Spring is 0,3 ha. The deepest spring of whole Baltic area the Sopa sping with its 4,8 m depth, is located here. Väinjärv lake is the biggest lake Järva county. It is a great place to spend ones holiday there.

Koeru borough and its surrounding area is 236.8 sq/km and the number population of about 3000. About 1300 of them live in the borough.

The first time Koeru parish was mentioned in chroniclers was 1282. The church of Maarja-Magdaleena was built in the last decade of the 13th century and the consecration was officiated in 1288.

According to the archives of the church there was a school running in 1727 at the Koeru parish. These days the borough has a church, school and not a tavern but pub. In addition, you can find hostel, medical service, salvage service and beauty salons here.

The biggest employers are: Koeru Municipality, AS Konesko, AS Natural, Järva PM…

In Addition we have our own TV-tower.

Welcome to Koeru.

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