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Küla Villa / Description

Main house

The I floorwith its 60m2 kitchen hall provides any group of people with a great opportunity to cook together and spend time in front of the cosy fireplace.
The room has seating for up to 22 people. There is no seating limit, if food is served on a smorgasbord, but above 30 people is not recommended to guarantee that everyone has room to enjoy themselves. The hall has an electric and a gas stove, dishwashing machine, microwave oven, a spacious refrigerator with an ice dispenser.
The II floor houses a 40m2 double bedroom with a TV and a sitting corner for 6 – an ideal place to enjoy time away from the crowd. The bedroom has direct access to a balcony and bathroom/toilet. The bathroom is spacious and is surrounded with mirrors. The 60m2 party hall comprises two floors and has access to the balcony and from there, the outside. The room has a poker table for 8 and a large-screen TV. The room has a wonderful view of the lake. To see the sun rising from amidst the fog, one should wake up at around 6 in summer.
The III floor or sleeping area is a single-room attic that can fit up to 20 sleepy guests.
In summer, it is possible to organise events for up to 200 people in the Külavilla yard. In addition to the greenery, the guests can also enjoy the fountain located between the buildings and a swan couple gliding on the lake.
A separate toilet is located under the main house for outdoor events.

Sauna house
The sauna is located near the party house, on the lake’s shore. The sauna house is surrounded by a terrace and a rubble stone wall with an outdoor fireplace.
The sauna bench on the 1st floor fits 4-5 people at a time. The back door of the sauna exits to the terrace, pond and hot tub, and in winter, an ice pit.
It is possible to relax and also to cook in the anteroom. A stove, oven and worktop slide out from under the sauna bench. The sauna house has a toilet and refrigerator.

Hot tub
The best place to have a great time and a place that nobody really wants to leave once they’re already in (in winter).

Lake and peninsulas
The 2.5 hectare artificial lake has 3 peninsulas. The surface of the lake can be illuminated using spot lights on the shore. In summer, the islands have seating and tables, places for barbequing and making campfires. The sitting and camping areas have electricity. An outhouse is located near the peninsulas. The dock on the lake’s shore is an ideal swimming location. It is possible to spin fish for pike both from the shore and a rowboat.

Prices for all services are upon agreement!

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