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Laitse Granite Villa / Description

It is peaceful in Laitse. Far away from the noise of the city, still close to Tallinn – friends reach to visit in half an hour. Birds are singing and dew is on the grass in summer. Drinking morning coffee on the terrace or just lazily laying in the hammock, time is stopping for a moment. Autumn is colourful. In winter snowdrifts are everywhere like during the childhood at the granny’s and in spring… Yeah, in spring it is so green and fresh that you postpone all city-trips into the future. On the roads and in the fields you can meet foxes and goats, sometimes even the elks.

The house itself charmed us completely from the first sight because this enormously big and primal beauty, made of pretty granite stones, leaves no-one unimpressed. Today it stands in its fine-looking ornaments and beautiful than ever. Life boils with full of power in the house and around.

Because of these two reasons – beauty of the country-life and beauty of the house itself we chose this place to establish here something special. And even more. To have a place where friends can charge energy batteries. To have a place where simply would like to be, to be and to be…..

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