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Liikluslinn (traffic City) / Description

All kids and adults are welcome in the smallest traffic city in the world, where you can learn about traffic in rooms designed for this purpose and enjoy everything that comes with real city traffic. Kids can drive different cars, take part in traffic training and watch educational films in the cinema. But this city does not belong to kids alone. Adults can race bumper cars on the traffic city's roads. Pedestrians can explore life in the city and enjoy the traffic, and go for a nice meal in our café. Useful information: The use of cars is subject to an extra charge.

Liikluslinn (traffic City) / Gallery

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Rating: 5.0

Lapsesõbralik ja õpetlik koht vaba aja veetmiseks kogu perele (22.09.2010)

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Rating: 5.0

Lastele on see nii põnev ja kasulik koht. Meie perele väga meeldis - kas issile;) (15.09.2010)

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