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Nina Kordon Külalistemaja / Description

Nina Kordon guesthouse is located in Nina Kula (the village Nina) Estonia , on the coast line of the Peipsi lake. Today it features only three rooms, the red, the blue room and the future massage room, a sauna (build with traditonal experience) and a recration (congress, party or meeting) room and the local library.

In feature it will have 7 rooms (different styles, sizes and prices, four will have a roof room with a beutifull view on the Peipsi Lake), one massage or health room with Turkish sauna, a sauna, a recreation room, a restorated watch tower, a terras with the lake view on top of the sauna roof and a private beach 500 m north of Nina Kordon.

It also has this watchtower from it previous purpose (border guard building), in the future it will be restorated, today you can only enter it with one of our guides.
It offers several outside piknick places where you can enjoy a grill or picknick with your companion.

Nina Kordon is located in a area where there is not any connection with goverment supplies such as fresh and waste water systems, therefor it has its own fresh water system, pumped up from 60 m below and filtered according the deepwell pasport, our water is fresh and clean! It has its own sewage filtering system, all our waste water is filtered with the latest standard of bio septick system. Water is 96 % purified leaving our filter system.

Nina Kordon Külalistemaja / Gallery

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