Ööbikuorg And Rõuge Lakes




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Ööbikuorg And Rõuge Lakes / Description

The last Ice Age, which retreated about 15,000 years ago, formed many lakes and valleys in the landscape of the southern part of Võru County.

There are seven lakes in the 10-kilometer-long and 52-meter-deep primeval valley of Rõuge:
1. Kahrila Lake - the largest lake, part of the former river. Area of 35,2 ha, maximum depth 16,4 m and average depth 5,3 m.
2. Tõugjärv - area of 4,2 ha, maximum depth 17 m and average depth 7,6 m.
3. Ratasjärv - area of 6,3 ha, maximum depth 19 m and average depth 8,6 m.
4. Kaussjärv - a steep lake. Area of 1,9 ha, maximum depth 24,5 m and average depth 8,1 m.
5. Rõuge Suurjärv - the deepest lake in Estonia. Area of 13,5 ha, maximum depth maksimaalne sügavus on 38 m and average depth 14,6 m.
6. Liinjärv - a cold water lake. Area of 3,5 ha, maximum depth 161,5 m and average depth 5,2 m.
7. Valgjärv - a warm water Lake. Area of 3,9 ha, maximum depth 12,6 m and average depth 4,9 m.

The lakes are connected with the Rõuge or Ajo River, which starts from Tindiorg and flows into Võhandu.
The adjoining valleys of the primeval valley of Rõuge are Tindiorg, Külmorg, Mõhkorg, Ööbikuorg, Tinopeetri, Hinni, Sikasoo and Järveotsa valleys.
The most famous of these is the 300-metre-long and 12-15-meter-deep Ööbikuorg, which surrounds the hill from the north and is full of singing nightingales in spring.

Ööbikuorg And Rõuge Lakes / Gallery

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