Pedeli Kergliiklusrada

Valga, Valgamaa



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Valga, Valgamaa

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Pedeli Kergliiklusrada / Description

The Pedeli River and the light traffic track that runs parallel to the river unite and also separate two countries and two cities. In Valga-Valka, you can walk from one country to another almost without noticing it. Take some time out and compare the flora, fauna and landscapes of Estonia and Latvia. The track is currently 5 km long and you can pass it by walking, cycling and roller-skating or roller-skiing. It is best not to rush here as there are many children’s playgrounds, rest areas and a beach (which is supervised by life guards in summer) right by the track.
The light traffic is constantly under development, so it pays to come back again and again!

Pedeli Kergliiklusrada / Gallery

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