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Puumetsa Small Cottage / Description

Cottage is located near the Puumetsa suur cottage in the very end of Kõpu peninsula. Another 10 kilometers forward from the Europes oldest working lighthouse. Despite of the closeness, two cottages remain private. You can't see neither the house nor the yard from the other cottage. Distance to the sea is kilometer or two – depending which direction you decide to take.

The former Ristna military base, the North and South Capes of Ristna, the Ristna Lighthouse and the Surf Paradise are within the distance of 1.5 km.

The cottage lies secluded in a high pine forest. Kalana, the nearest village is also at approximately 1 kilometre’s distance. This cottage is perfect for people who appreciate the diverse natural scenery of Kõpu. It is a good starting point for walks to the untouched northern beach of Kõpu, to the forests, rich in mushrooms and berries, or to the old villages.

The seashore at Kõpu is unique for the whole Baltic Sea. In most European countries you can’t find such long sandy or gravelled seashores without any buildings or people. The number of tourists increases in summer even in Kõpu, but you can still find spots where you can be alone the whole day.

Those who like an active holiday will definitely enjoy the on- and underwater activities at Paap Kõlar’s Surf Paradise.

A really nice and cosy place for weekends in winter and spring.

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