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Rukkirahu ülemine tuletorn / Description

Lighthouse Rukkirahu is located in Väinamere in 2 miles to the West from port Rohuküla, on the northernmost tip of Ruke-Rag. The sea sign helps to be guided aground in Väinamere and to move in the Heltermaa, Rohuküla and Haapsalu directions. Direction of the lighthouse Rukkirahu is 213,7°. The first eleven-meter in height tetrahedral pyramid was similar to a wooden day sign, was established in Haapsalu. Sign height over the sea was 12 m and visibility of 4 miles. In 1895 the new wooden day sign was established. Near Rukkirahu deeping works were carried out, port Rohuküla and new wooden lighthouse were established in 1916. In 1925 in lighthouse was installed the blinking lamp which was on height 17 m and 19 m over the sea, visibility of 9 miles. Sectors of the lighting device: white 13,5° by E, S and W by 283,5°, red 283,5° by N to 13,5°. In 1928 the part of white sector was changed (107° by S to 197°) into red. The visibility was of 9 miles, light character: Fl W/R 6 s; 0,3 + 0,9 + 0,3 + 4,5 = 6 s. In 1931 sector 219 ° -246 ° was changed into red. In 1933 the lighthouse was established from scrap metal, during ice breaker „Tasuja“ repairing (ERA 1091 F N S 1 1197 L 599). Height of light was 19 m over the sea. In 1934 sectors of the lighthouse were: white 194°–284°; red 284°–14°; white

14°– 36°; red 36°–63°; white 63°–103°; red 103°–194°. The light it wasn't used before the end of the century. Visibility was: white light 9 miles and red light 6 miles (TM 1934, 33). In 1940 was established new lighthouse which was 16 m in height with automatic lamp. In beginning of 1990 lighthouse was working from the radio isotope generator (L-200). After removal of the generator the lighthouse worked at solar energy.

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