Safari Centre Männiku

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Safari Centre Männiku / Description

Safari center Manniku is in a 3 km distance from the border of Tallinn in the direction of Saku, in a naturally beautiful place. After a 10 minute car ride from the center of Tallinn one can observe a spectacular view: on the right there are former territories of the soviet army and on the left there are big quarries and reservoirs.
In the neigbourhood there are a lot of different tracks and forest roads as well as unique in the northern countries sand quarries. It is possible to explore all these territories participating in one of ATV-outgoings arranged by Manniku Safari center.
During these outgoings it is possible to get a closer look at the former military reservations, tank-training grounds, situated on a very big territory quarries and reservoirs, to ride on cross-country race paths, and enjoy the nature in the pine-tree forest.
We offer safary with different difficulty levels, and longer hikes. You can choose your paths so that you can be hiking for up to 10 days, choosing from a variety of roads!
This is a great adventure for a group of friends or colleagues wanting to have a great time after a long working day, or even for the whole weekend!

*You will have to bring sports clothes according to the weather, clothes for change and closed boots. NB! You can rent sports clothes from us as well!
*Before you can go on a hike you will need to present an indentification document and to conclude an agreement. It is not compulsory to have a drivers license.
You will get all the needed theoretical and practical instruction on location.

For the safety of the clients it is forbidden to ride
- without the appropriate instructions
- drunk
- without the safety helmet
- 2 on one transport
- if you are under 16 years old (people under 16 are allowed to ride in the presence of a parent and with a written consent)

Safari Centre Männiku / Gallery

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