St. Anthony’s Courtyard

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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St. Anthony’s Courtyard / Description

St. Anthony’s Courtyard, where the activity of St. Anthony’s Guild is organised, is situated in Jaani Quarter, historical centre of Tartu. This is a place where art is created and loved and where genuine master craftsmen work. This is a place where history and today meet.

St. Anthony’s courtyard consists of three buildings: the clay shop, the masters’ house and the guild, and the yard that is is in the middle. The cosy St. Anthony’s Courtyard offers lots of opportunities to organise various events for townspeople and the visitors of the town both in summer and winter. On the stage, dance floor, courtyard gallery and terrace of St. Anthony’s Courtyard lots of festivals, concerts, shows, weddings, jubilee celebrations and dinners have been taken place. That kind of events can also be organised in the creativity studio of the Guild House and guild hall that make a festive event with their nobility even more remarkable.

There are smaller and bigger events, most of them already traditional, that can be considered inseparable from St. Anthony’s courtyard. At the beginning of summer, the days of St. Anthony’s courtyard are celebrated as well as the fair of the small guild. During the Hanseatic Days, St. Anthony’s courtyard has become the centre of Jaanilinn (St. John’s town), filled with workshops, trading, singing, dancing and music for the townsfolks as well as the visitors. On November 2nd, we commemorate the night of the souls, which is familiar to Estonians, and we wait all the past, present and future souls to visit us. Before Christmas St. Anthony’s Christmas Courtyard opens its gates – it is a place where you can forget the haste and noise of the downtown and enjoy warm and genuine Christmas feeling.

St. Anthony’s courtyard is a popular venue for the parties of both individuals as well as businesses. The yard is especially suitable for such events as the entire yard area can be closed so that it is possible to hold an extremely private event in the centre of Tartu and no strangers have access there. Weddings, birthdays, receptions, company events in the yard have all been pleasant for the guests.

St. Anthony’s Courtyard / Gallery

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