St. Olav Hotel Restaurant

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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St. Olav Hotel Restaurant / Description

The restaurant is located in an excellent spacious hall full of air and light - next to the door to the balcony there are two Venetian windows. The large hall is connected to the small hall - on one of its walls there is a fragment of an ancient mural painting which reminds you once again that you are dining in an historical room. In the past these halls hosted grand balls for distinguished nobility – you can still hear the medieval music that used to sound here. These are the rooms where rich and high-status noblemen used to arrange luxurious receptions and exclusive feasts.

It is the medieval atmosphere that makes you think of olden times when you take your time to enjoy your aromatic morning coffee or treat yourself to a dinner of authentic Russian cuisine with all its pies and tidbits. After the delicious dinner you will probably feel like going out on the balcony where, centuries ago, ladies used to wave to the gentlemen passing by.

St. Olav Hotel Restaurant / Gallery

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