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Toila-Oru Park / Description

Picturesque Toila-Oru park, in the valley of Pühajõgi (Holy River), is a real gem set in a beautiful scenery. The location, tasteful design and abundance of tree species makes it one of the most pleasant parks in Estonia.
Toila-Oru Park is an outdoor concert center, seating several thousand people during concerts and performances.
The park has been created in an indented and varied landscape. A vast 105-hectare area has 270 varieties of trees and bushes - the richest variety in Estonia. Estonian trees are nearly fully represented in the collection. The exotic species are mostly European, but there are also trees from the Far East and America. Keener visitors may find Manchurian walnut, blue spruce, Swiss stone pine, katsura tree or even a cork tree.
In addition to the park, there are a few other noteworthy details in the territory of the previous manor. The alley, with Dutch lindens, starts from the famous granite entrance gates that are topped with bear sculptures. The fountains are restored and the pavilion that was used as a coffee house is an excellent place for enjoying the sea views. A rare plant species, birthwort, grows nearby.

Toila-Oru Park / Gallery

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