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Tolli Tourist Farm / Description

For five hundred years Kihnu, a piece of land with the size of 19,6 hides in the Gulf of Livonia, has been inhabited by the people whose ancestors might have been either Livonians, Swedish or Estonians. Due to their isplated lifestyle, the people of Kihnu have preserved their unique dialect and cultural heritage for generations. Evem today, one can see women proudly wearing their hand-woven woollen skirts, ploughing in the fields and baking delicious local bread. The men go to sea to provide something substantial to their daily bread and potatoes. Untouched nature, calmness and peace, local customs and traditions are the attractions that have brought and will bring people from the mainland to the island. You are also very welcome to come and enjoy yourself on the island - either with your friends and family, colleagues or even alone - Tolli Tourism Farm in sääre Village would be happy to offer you accommodation and all the pleasures of a sauna and good local food.

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