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U-Stuudio / Description

After having attended on the fair of The White Lady Days in Haapsalu in August 2002, the decision was made to get more involved in producing glass-, silk- and porcelain goods.
In February 2003 the first steps with help of a minor start-capital were made: in consideration of economic aspects and the residing place of the artist (U.Sikemäe) it was decided to set up the workshop in the heart of Estonia’s Western County (Läänemaa) – in Palivere. The enterprise’s name – U-Stuudio – was initiated from the artists name: the “U” and the “S” are the initials of Urve Sikemäe and everything under the label of U-Stuudio is created in her art-studio.
Urve gets her inspiration from shivers of glass. She doesn’t like mass production, so all and every single one of her works is singular and achieved in a cut-and-try method.
In the future it is desired to experiment even more with glass, porcelain and silk. On an on-going basis new technologies are added and in connection to that, of course, the assortment of products is expanded too.
Future plans foresee the development and an addition of technical basis and labour-recourses. We also hope to arouse interest among artisanship-lovers and to win more enthusiasts.

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