Vällamäe Matkarada




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Vällamäe Matkarada / Description

The 3.6 km long Vällamäe hiking trail runs straight from its foot to its top. Vällamägi is the second highest hill in Estonia, covered with primeval forests and with very steep slopes, it is 303.9 m above sea level. However, if we take the 84 metres from its foot to its top, we can say that it is the highest hill in Estonia by its relative height. Its slopes are very steep in some places (slanting 35 to 40 degrees). Vällamäe forests have been the reserve of fir gene pools since 1992.
At foot of the hill there is a hikers’ cabin where you can take a rest and enjoy the primeval landscape (only by prior reservations; to make a reservation, please call the RMK centre at +372 628 1532).

Vällamäe Matkarada / Gallery

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