Vedur Mälestusmärk

Valga, Valgamaa



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Valga, Valgamaa

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Vedur Mälestusmärk / Description

The year 1886 when the plan to build the Pihkva-Riga railway with a branch from Valga to Tartu became a crucial year in the development of the little town.
The steam engine monument erected near the Valga railway station in 1998 celebrates the 110th anniversary of the Pihkva-Valga-Riga rail connection.
Engine SU 251-98 was built in the Sormovo Shipyard in 1949.
Interesting facts:
* the engine weighs 87 tons and its output is 12 tons of steam per hour;
* Riga-Pihkva railway was officially opened on 22 July 1889 in Pihkva.

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