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Viisnurga Holiday Homes / Description

Under the name of Viisnurga Holiday Houses you can find a former holiday resort of the Viisnurk Ski Factory built in 1975. At that time it was called Viisnurga Sauna and the name should be known to many former guests and friends of Viisnurk Ski Factory. By today, the resort is fully renovated. Only the unique design of the houses reminds us of the previous “golden days”: all three houses have a triangular basic plan. Viisnurga Holiday Houses are situated on the 1.3 ha estate in the middle of an ancient pine forest on the high embankment of the Gulf of Pärnu, within the so-called Uulu seaside pinewoods reserve established in 1968. It is only a five-minute walk away from the sea and Uulu Canal. The whole estate is covered with WiFi.

There are three houses waiting for you:
Sauna house
The house includes: a room for festivities with long tables and seats for up to 25 people; a fireplace room; two saunas (electrical and wood heating); a dressing room; a small bar with necessary dinnerware; a sleeping area with a terrace on the first floor for a smaller party; toilet; an external pool with a separate entrance from the sauna for year-round use.

Main building The house includes 10 double rooms and a fireplace hall with spacious terraces and an external pool. All rooms have small kitchens, toilets and showers. In addition to that, room no 9 has a sauna and rooms no 8 and 10 have bath. The spacious fireplace hall is suitable for organising a seminar or a party for up to 30 people.

Grill House The Grill House includes a shelter and a design grill.

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