Zoo Seikluspark

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Zoo Seikluspark / Description

Thrilling adventures, breathtaking heights, jumping into the nets, challenging obstacles, long slides and playfulness – this is the Zoo Adventure Park in Talinn Zoo.


3 adventure paths with different difficulty level!

The climber gets higher with every path, safely overcoming the obstacles in the trees.
These paths and 2 zip-lines suit adults and children with height of 130 cm and taller.

In addition to blue, red and black adventure paths there is a little easier Discovery Path awaiting the visitors.

Discovery Path offers quizzes and thrilling facts about Tallinn Zoo inhabitants. You can find the same animals using the map and watch them after the end of adventure.

The Discovery Path is for adults and children with the height from 115 cm.

Kids park
For the little ones who are 2-7 year old we have 2 children parks. Similarly to the adults’ paths there are hanging bridges, long slides as well as different swings and obstacles.

The children park playing area is at the height of about 70 cm from the ground. The adult can walk near the path and help the child if necessary.

How long does climbing last?

Passing all the paths takes 2,5h. The 3 paths take 1,5h and Discovery Path approximately 1 h. There is no time limit and you can do all the paths only once.

Zoo Seikluspark / Gallery

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