Gigantic entertainment centre may rise in Lasnamae

Businessman Ain Hanschmidt has announced his plans to build an entertainment centre in Tallinn that will become as famous as the Eiffel tower. The entertainment centre will be called 'Tallink City' and it will be built in Lasnamae, on wasteland between Peterburi Road and Laagna Road. There will be a mountain skiing hall, a tropical water centre, a cinema, a trade centre, a Tivoli-style park, a hotel and much more. The T-shaped hotel will tower over the 12-hectare complex. Hanschmidt says that Estonia needs more tourists and hopes that the new entertainment centre will help. Entertainment businessman Lauri Viikna thinks that perhaps the project seems too grand. The area of the centre is projected to be 160,000 sqm and it will cost about EEK 4-5 billion. Tallink City is planned to be completed by 2010.

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