IOSA certificate confirms Estonian Air’s safe and proper operations

In 2005 Estonian Air obtained the most respected recognition of quality in the aviation industry, the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certificate. This certificate confirms that Estonian Air’s activities conform with the highest air safety requirements. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has decided to extend the IOSA certificate for another two years.

To extend the certificate, a thorough audit was carried out by IATA at Estonian Air in autumn which proved Estonian Air’s operations conform with the strict requirements of the certificate. IATA’s airline operations specialists examined in detail the conformity of Estonian Air’s current procedures and operational management with IATA requirements, and suggested that several procedures be reworded for the sake of clarity. A follow-up audit was carried out in December after updating manuals with the suggested changes. As a result of the audit Estonian Air and its activities were certificated to be in accordance with the international requirements.

„Ensuring flight safety is a continuous process, where the reason of every minute deviation from the standards is examined in order to avoid their recurrence in the future. When necessary, the internal procedures are amended or changed and the personnel is trained permanently,“ explained Rait Kalda, Estonian Air Vice President Operations and Management Board Member. „In addition, all air safety areas are regularly audited by Estonian Civil Aviation Authority. Consistent control by the airline’s own quality assurance department and flight safety inspectors as well as the CAA made it possible for Estonian Air to accomplish the IOSA audit successfully on time,“ Rait Kalda continued.

IATA, an international association of airlines, is coordinating and organising many areas related to airlines’ activities. Air safety is one of the most important factors in today’s aviation. Therefore, the auditing and certification programme IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) was launched in 2003. IOSA is an internationally recognised audit based on high standards, and the IOSA certificate is a recognition to an airline by all IATA member airlines.

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