The spring days and nights of Haapsalu will be filled from films from the dark side of cinema – once again it’s time for the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival. Although HÕFF, too, is affected by the economic monster, the festival has defied the difficulties and is keeping fear at bay. The festival team has done its best to bring you fresh selection of films – and to continue a three-year tradition that has hopefully has found its place in the hearts of film buffs.

There are indeed slightly more new breezes blowing this year. Our time-honoured wolf logo has been reanimated and is ready to howl at the moon a bit louder in a new coat. We have been forced to move into a slightly smaller space than you are perhaps accustomed to, but we believe that this will help create a more intimate and close-knit atmosphere.

In many ways, it seems that the main theme of this year’s HÕFF offerings is the invisible violence between us – at home, at school and in our fantasies – which can unexpectedly explode into bloody conflict. Let’s let the negative energy escape in the cinema like steam!

The general rule is that a festival has achieved permanence when it has survived three years. HÕFF was created to stay. What could be the best testament to us then the idea – mentioned in passing by legendary producer Brian Yuzna, who visited HÕFF last year – to make a horror comedy about the notorious curative mud of Haapsalu or confirmation from a top European festival that the HÕFF program is a totally worthy competitor to its larger companions?

We would like to thank all of the festival’s fans, friends, supporters, and most of all, the town of Haapsalu, for believing in the festival!

On behalf of the festival team, we wish you a fantastically horror-filled HÕFF!

More information: www.hoff.ee

Sten Saluveer
Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival Director
Phone: +372 51 65 242



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Haapsalu, Läänemaa

Haapsalu, Läänemaa

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