There is the first chef’s table in Estonia at the restaurant MEKK!

The existence of the chef’s table alone shows that the establishment takes great pride in the abilities of its kitchen staff. There are many good chefs in Estonia but for now only one restaurant with a chef’s table - MEKK.

This table can be located anywhere. Most daringly, it is right in the middle of the kitchen. Then the food reaches the eater in seconds and all the smells, sounds and watching the cooks work is part of the experience.

The chef’s table at MEKK is located away from the kitchen in a separate room. But this is not important. Because the chef René Uusmees’ ability to talk about cooking is on par with his ability to cook.

In most cases the food that is not served to other customers is eaten at the chef’s table. The exact menu is agreed on reserving the table.

There is a screen on the wall at the end of the table which with the help of spy cameras gives shows what is going on in the kitchen. During the meal, the chef repeatedly comes to the table and explains what, how and from what was made in the kitchen.

Thus, the chef’s table should not be reserved for noisy celebrations but in the case of interest toward the ordered food, the person who cooked it and how it was cooked.

The dinner ordered by begins promisingly. Bread is the pride of Estonian cuisine. Many restaurants already make their bread themselves. But the ability to present bread leaves a lot to be desired.

MEKK earns maximum points here. Home-made leaved dough bread, white bread with nuts and rosemary and fibre bread with caraway and anise on a lava-stone plate. Farm butter for spreading on the bread.

Meat jelly serves as an appetizer. Cut into tiny pieces and served in a jigger just to get a taste with a small spoon. Wonderful with rye bread.

House wine can be approached differently. In the best case, it is the pride of the house. It represents the good taste and connoisseurship of the one who picked it. In most cases it is, however, a bland and cheap drink that can be sold with a “good” price.

MEKK’s house wine Enate is certainly an example of the former. The modern wine house that values art makes fabulous Crianza but has become famous for its Rosado that has been chosen as the best in Spain for several years. Both wines by themselves make the visit to the building of the Savoy hotel worthwhile. You don’t need to go there to dine but just for example to enjoy house wine in front of the fireplace.

Enate’s Chardonnay is also completely acceptable and fits well with the fish dishes and white meats of modern Estonian cuisine.

The duck filet is marvellously done complete with seasonal garnish. Asparagus, Savoy Cabbage and radishes can be bought fresh from the market. Even mashed potatoes are vernally green. Because of leaf parsley juice.

Black currant sauce and pear cream keep the taste juicy and Estonian.

Having a meal consisting of five different dishes at the chef’s table gives a very good impression of the modern Estonian cuisine. It is not ultra-modern but is fittingly festive. Communicating with the chef and the sommelier during the meals widens the horizon and creates a nice atmosphere.

Reservations have to be made to dine at the chef’s table, so far the only one in Estonia, at the restaurant MEKK.

Restaurant MEKK
Suur-Karja 17/19, Tallinn



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