Sagadi is probably the Estonian most dashing manorial estate. Sagadi Manor has charmed visitors with the unique pond behind the mansion for centuries.

The pond originated from the 18-th century. The landlord wanted to make a really memorable present to his wife for her birthday. The night before he ordered the local peasants to the mansion, all with horses and carriage, with hoofs and wheels wrapped in the rags, so no noise should be heard. All night the weary peasants dug the pond behind the mansion. In the morning the landlady was really surprised and happy with her gift. The shape of the pond is similar to the sign of infinity. The landlord declared his endless love to her wife with it.

Nowadays Sagadi manor invites guests from all over the world. The coins thrown to the pond from the bridge have magical ability to strength love relations or find expected love. Certainly it isn’t a fairytale as all relations entered into the marriage on the shore of the pond are happily together till these days.

Sagadi, Vihula vald
45403 Lääne-Virumaa
Phone +3726767888



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