Dear Tallinn guests!

For the 9th year in a row Town Hall Square is about to be set to get into the Christmas spirit.
The heart of the Old Town is about to be filled once again with Estonia’s best handicrafts specialists and traders, serving both townsfolk and visitors alike. The Christmas market on the square has become something of a winter festival – more than just buying and selling, it features a rich cultural programme, too.

Town Hall Square is said to be the site of the world’s first Christmas tree, which formed part of a ritual begun in 1441, when unmarried merchants sang and danced with the town’s girls around a tree, which they then burned.

We are ready to greet you on November 29 when Tallinn mayor will officially open Tallinn Christmas Market and the first advent candle is lit.

Tallinn Christmas Makret will be open every day from 9AM till 7PM from Nov 29 2009 till Jan 7 2010.

The Christmas market has a kind of pull, drawing people in – townsfolk, their friends and acquaintances – to experience that pre-Christmas joy like one big family. We are all part of that family, whether we are the craftsmen, the traders, the townsfolk, the tourists or the singers and dancers on stage. All of us together.

We would like to invite you all to be part of that joy of Christmas here with us on Town Hall Square.

Enjoy the Christmas market and cultural programme!




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