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Strawberry Hand Treatment
Indulge your senses with the familiar scent of strawberry. A strawberry and sugar scrub with poppy seeds invigorates your blood circulation, smoothes and softens your skin by gently removing dead skin cells, making your hands feel soft and fresh. A deeply moisturising mask enriches your skin with vitamins and helps renew the skin. This sensual pleasure is completed with a cream that protects the skin against external effects and prolongs its softness.
Mansikka käsihoito

Mermaid’s algae poultice 90 min
This is a slimming and toning algae and cinnamon treatment that begins with a purifying body exfoliation procedure. Treatment help remove excess fluid from tissues, burn fat cells and trim your skin. The algae gel and cinnamon wrap has an antiseptic, thermal effect which stimulates your blood stream. The treatment ends with a pleasant massage with an efficient cinnamon lotion that promotes slimming and gives your skin a warm glow.

Sports massage is a part of the sports training system. The purpose of sports massage is the physical improvement of athletes. Raising the performance of the musculoskeletal system to the optimum level is integral to the massage. Sports massage is a complex of specific techniques that improve athletic performance, prepare for continuous active muscular exercise and accelerate recovery processes. Massage is an efficient tool in fighting fatigue. Sports massage is vigorous and intense and it is used either before training to reduce muscle tension or after training to increase muscle tone.

Oil dispersion bath + massage chair

Oil dispersion bath:

* forms a protective heat layer over the body and in this way, restricts heat radiation to the surrounding environment;
* improves blood supply and enhances heat processes;
* makes the skin soft and elastic.

The dispersion device sprays oil particles evenly into the water so that the oil surface is expanded 2,500 times and the activity of oil in water is increased.

We recommend using the oil dispersion bath treatment if you are experiencing the following problems:

* thermoregulation disorders (cold hands and feet)
* metabolism disorders (diabetes, obesity, rise in cholesterol level)
* skin diseases (eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis)
* dry skin
* chronic inflammation in the urinary tract
* stress, depression, sleeping disorders
* chronic joint diseases
* functional disorders of the digestive tract, liver and bile duct.

After taking the bath, the customer is not dried, but a robe is put on and the customer is then guided to a room where the treatment is followed by 15 minutes of relaxation in a massage chair.



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