LOT Polish Airlines supports the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Warsaw, 1 October 2010 – LOT Polish Airlines has become an active participant in the worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Starting today, and throughout October, which is breast cancer awareness month, cabin crew of LOT Polish Airlines will be wearing symbolic pink ribbons on the lapel of their uniforms. On the day of the campaign’s inauguration, on all LOT Polish Airlines flights, specially prepared information on the Campaign and breast cancer prevention will be read. The campaign is designed to be a reminder of the importance of prevention in the fight against the disease, which, when detected early, can be fully treatable.

LOT supports the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, not only on board its aircraft. Pamphlets informing about the campaign are available in LOT’s offices throughout Poland. Broadly informative material on breast cancer prevention can also be found in LOT Polish Airlines’ on-board magazine Kaleidoscope. In addition, for the duration of the campaign, the web site has been adapted to feature a symbolic pink ribbon next to the LOT logo.

“There are many women working at LOT Polish Airlines, including about 600 flight crew members and as many as nine female pilots. Caring for the safety and comfort of our passengers is one of the most important tasks at our company. That is why, taking into consideration the campaign’s mission, which is to increase awareness of breast cancer and the message that early detection can save lives, LOT has joined the campaign without hesitation” said LOT board member Wiesława Musiał.

The organizer of the international Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which is focused on saving the lives of women all over the world, and making real the vision of a world without breast cancer, is the Estée Lauder Companies group. The person who created the idea of the pink ribbon itself is none other than Evelyn Lauder, the company’s vice-president.



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