Electric Marathon Tallinn-Monte Carlo 2011

Marathon from Tallinn to Monte Carlo will be held in accordance with traffic code and is for electric vehicles approved and registered according to the community rules, authorized to run on public roads and soil. The distance of single legs will vary between 90 to 170 km. A break of 3 hours is foreseen to charge batteries between different legs or 8-10 hours if the charging takes place at night at the accomodation site.

The competition in this Marathon consists of BEING ON TIME at the Time Control points. Penalty points will be given in case of arriving early or late at the Time Control. The team who has accumulated the least penalty points will win the rally.

The teams will consist of two members – changes in the team are allowed during the marathon. The participants have a temporary licence issued by the Estonian Autosport Federation.

The competition will be held under the auspices of FIA and is called a “Test-Event”. A member of FIA Electric and New Energies Championships Commission, mr Marc Martens from Belgium will observe the race and accompany it throughout the whole distance in the escorting bus.

A maximum of 12 cars will be admitted to participate in the marathon from start to finish. This is because of the availability of recharging capacities throughout the race (380V 64A). Participating cars will be recharged using mobile charging stations. More participants would lead to need for stationary recharging spots and use of high-voltage electricity.

An extra 21 cars will be allowed to participate on separate stages in addition to the 12 cars allowed to participate in the whole marathon. The top 3 of every stage will be awarded. Teams who are not interested in participating in the whole event or who use cars that cannot race long distances due to technical limitations can participate in the Tallinn prologue or separate stages in Europe. Abovementioned teams are not guaranteed the capacities to recharge their vehicles and thus must rely on their own resources.

The organisers are aiming, in addition to reviving a historic rally, to set up a network of stationary recharging facilities throughout the distance of the rally. Achieving this will mean that these stations can be used during following marathons. Between the marathons these stations would provide a reliable source of energy for the electric cars of the region between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean and allow locals and businesses to use the marathon’s route for safe transit. It would serve as an infrastructure for a greener way of transport. The organisers have sent a project to the European Commision to achieve such a result. The addmitance of the project is proven by the following receipt:
„The Evaluation Support Service (ESS) team is pleased to send you the acknowledgment of receipt for your proposal in our system. This email is sent to you only once your proposal has been imported into the evaluation system of the European Commission. As per European Commission's instructions, the ESS will not answer to any query you may have. Best Regards, The ESS team.“
In November The European Commission will make public its decision which will determine whether this project will be applied.

The organisers plan to apply to be entered into the Guiness Book Of Records after the „Electric Marathon Tallinn – Monte Carlo 2011“ ends succesfully, as never before have electric cars competed over a distance of such length.

„Electric Marathon Tallinn – Monte Carlo“ will be an annual event.

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